Terms and Conditions

The domain is an online based portal. By accessing our websites you completely agree to all our terms and conditions mentioned. These terms and condition induce as the general binding relation between the user and the websites. However when a user by himself gets navigated to other sites they will automatically bounded by other terms and conditions. 

This domain facilitate the user to get all the beneficial information related to our products and services and placing an order via online. All these process that are taking place between us are monitored, verified and governed by, but not limited to, these terms and conditions. 

The website holds the right to change their content and their terms and conditions at any instance of time. However a notification email will be sent or an message will be displayed on the home page. By recognizing your visibility after the notified changes will be taken as you have greed to all the new changes. 

The user should be 18 years of age above to access all our contents provided. Some of the sexual contents given are intended only for adults. Hence the user need to register themselves with some of the basic information. Other website holders and any of the unauthorized persons are prohibited from being registering here. 

You agree and acknowledge that the information submitted by you are true. The website may include cookies in our pages which will store some of your information. Those data include your last visibility to our site, your searches so as to recommend relevant offers and services to you. It will also ask for saving your password so that the user easily log on to  our website easily. The website does not store any personally identifiable information in the cookie. 

The website offers services with a valid medical prescription issued by an authorized person such as an medical expert or an doctor. During the process of placing orders the users are recommended to upload the scanned copy of the prescription or can send it via emails. In case any discrepancy found in the prescription uploaded by you then your order will be canceled immediately. 

This site provides health products and services related to their health. This clearly ensures here is no doctor patient relationship running between. The users are advised not to involve any of such medical practices from the related symptoms.