Why Valium is considered as the most popular medication for treating anxiety?

valium popular anxiety reliever

women feeling relaxed with valium pillValium is easily considered to be the most popular drug that is used for treating anxiety conditions. One might say that other benzodiazepines like Xanax, Ativan, and Klonopin are just as famous, but Valium has slight edge over the other anxiety medications. Containing the active ingredient Diazepam, Valium has been taken through millions of prescriptions around the world since the time of its launch in 1963.

Valium as such is useful in managing more than just anxiety disorders. The drug can be taken for conditions like alcohol withdrawal, muscle spasms, restless legs syndrome, seizures, trouble sleeping, and another health issue for which the calming effects of the drug applies. But there’s also more to Valium than what meets the eye and makes it distinct from the other benzodiazepines that are in use. Read on to know why Valium is popular anxiety medication.

Buy Valium for anxiety relief

Buying Valium for anxiety relief has been for more than half a century. At the time that the drug was introduced, there were few medications available to treat mental health conditions. There was also the stigma against seeking help for mental health issues, or more importantly, accepting them as illnesses that can be treated medically and with therapy. This drug helped to break this stigma. The drug brought the focus on anxiety and its related disorders. People no longer shy away from getting help and accepting that they may be experiencing something serious. This popular anxiety drug also paved way for other similar medications to enter the market.

Currently, Valium medication is available in different generic variants that come in many forms and dosage strengths. With the right medical prescription, users can take these anxiety pills to effectively improve health. The drug works by binding with the GABA receptors in the brain to enhance the effects of GABA and produce calm. This is what makes the drug a benzodiazepine. But there are also other properties for which the popularity of Valium boomed.

Reasons why Valium is the preferred anti-anxiety medication

The Valium medication has the following properties that work in its favor:

  • The drug is quick to take effect from the time of administration
  • The effects last long
  • Is suitable for pediatric use

These three main distinctions can be said as the reason the drug is considered as the most popular. For any anxiety condition, you would want quick relief from the symptoms and Valium can provide that. Also, the drug has a biological half-life of about 20 to 100 hours. This means that frequent dosing is not required, unlike the short-acting benzodiazepines. The drug may not be administered to infants less than six months old but can still be administered in the right dosage for children with anxiety or any of the other conditions for which the drug is used. The anxiety medication has many off-label uses to and is good in controlling the symptoms being treated quickly, and it is really no surprise that Valium is the most popular medication in its category.