Why Valium is considered as the one of the most popular mind medicines in USA?

valium popular mind medication

valium popular mind medicationValium, the highly potent benzodiazepine, is considered as one of the most popular medications used for managing psychiatric conditions in the US. Available as the brand name of Diazepam, This medication has been in use for many decades now. Taking the Valium drug has become the norm as it can help treat not just anxiety conditions but also a wide range of other illnesses. There are definitely other top benzodiazepines in use like Xanax, Klonopin, and Ativan. However, the popularity of buying Valium has not diminished at all. The millions of prescriptions written since its inception are a testament to this fact. If you have wondered how the drug is so popular, it might help to get deeper into the phenomenon that is Valium.

How Valium altered the scope of psychiatric medicine?

Valium was launched in the year 1963 and the patent for the drug ended in 1985. During this time, the drug top lists as the most prescribed medication and billions of tablets were sold. What the anxiety medication really did was to provide a way to treat psychiatric conditions like anxiety disorders but with a gradual reduction of stigma. Only after the introduction of Valium drug did other drugs like Xanax and anti-depressants enter into the market. Using medications for treating psychological problems were studied in greater detail. This drug was indeed the first brain drug that managed to become a bestseller. Although there are vast numbers of generic variants available today, the brand is still prescribed and used for many health issues. Currently, the anxiety drug is used for conditions like alcohol withdrawal, muscle spasms, insomnia, panic attacks, seizures, tremors, neurological conditions, and even for irritable bowel syndrome.

How effective is Valium as a mind medicine?

Valium has withstood the test of time and also the launch of other recent drugs that can help control anxiety symptoms. It can be said that the drug is definitely effective as a mind medicine. However, there are also a few downsides to using this psychiatric medication. It is vital that the drug be used only according to the physician’s dosing instructions. Recreational use for just the high of the drug, using it in higher doses, or for longer than recommended has the potential risk of addiction and overdose. The symptoms can be severe and even fatal in certain cases. Valium is relatively safe to use when it is taken only as intended. Since there are hardly any new drugs launched in this category and as prescriptions continue to be written on a daily basis, it can be said that the drug is still among the most popular in the US.