What are the mental health risks of taking Valium?


Valium is a very popular drug and it belongs to the sedative category. Doctors prescribe Diazepam to those who are suffering from anxiety, panic disorder, sleeplessness or muscle spasms, and sometimes even when people are suffering from alcohol withdrawal.

Why there is a concern of health risk while taking valium?

Valium is a prescription drug, a controlled substance that belongs to the class of hypnotics. Prescription medications of such caliber and potency must be used exactly the way they have been prescribed by the doctor. As Valium results in euphoria, most people tend to abuse this drug for recreational purposes. Any wrong usage will pave way for the development of unfavorable symptoms in the body of the patient.That is the reason why doctors recommend a consultation before you buy valium online and that too with a doctor who knows the patients case, their history, their medical conditions and the other drugs that they are taking.
The resulting health risks of misusing valium can be both mental and physical. The main risk of taking valium is overdose and addiction. Using the drug for recreational purposes or using it in higher than prescribed amounts will lead to overdose on valium. This will also increase the probability of addiction and once addicted, the individual cant even discontinue the medicine without suffering from withdrawal effects. The valium side effects can be dangerous not only when it is consumed wrongly or when it is consumed in combination with other drugs or other substances.

Mental health risks of taking Valium

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The number one mental health risk while consuming Valium would be depression. Since Valium belongs to the benzodiazepine class and it affects the neurotransmitters in the nervous system, in other words, the GABA receptors, the brain processes are kind of altered as a result. That is the reason why valium is given for anti convulsions and anti-anxiety as well. With this drug the GABA chemicals are quite high the body hence it stops producing those chemicals by itself thinking that there is enough to maintain the balance. These chemicals are also associated with alleviating the mood levels in the body. Hence at any time when Valium intake is discontinued, due to the lack of feel-good hormones naturally secreted by the body, the patient suffers from depression. These risks are to be considered when you get diazepam prescribed from a licensed doctor.
Other mental health risks might be:

  • It decreases the way the signaling of the brain as well as the communication in the various centers of the brain takes place
  • It results in lack of co-ordination
  • It results in the feeling of being drunk
  • Anxiety in fact in some cases this even exceeds the intensity of the original anxiety felt by the patient
  • The patient feels intense irritation and irritability
  • There are seizures caused as a result of this withdrawal

But all these effects are only caused if the medicine is used improperly. If there is chronic abuse, the most predominant mental consequences would be depression, cognitive deficits, aggressive behavior and psychotic experiences felt. The way to recover from such conditions is to consult a doctor and follow his suggestions. He will most probably recommend you to opt for a therapy that deals with Valium detox.